All My Children as Amanda Cousins (TV, 2 seasons, 1982–1983)
First Affair (1983) (TV) as Karen
Protocol (1984) as Soap Opera Actor
Fraternity Vacation (1985) as Nicole Ferret
Fright Night (1985) as Amy Peterson
Hotel as Jean Haywood (TV, 1 episode, 1986)
Married... with Children as Marcy Rhoades (1987–1990); Marcy D'Arcy (1990–1997); Cousin Mandy (1997)
Goddess of Love (1988) (TV) as Cathy
The Earth Day Special (1990) as Marcy D'Arcy
Likely Suspects (TV, 1 episode, 1992)
Out There 2 (1994) (TV) as Host
The Doom Generation (1995) as Barmaid
Here Come the Munsters (1995) (TV) as Mrs. Pearl
Nikki as Marcy Rhoades (1 episode, 2001)
Give or Take an Inch (2003) as Charlotte
Here! Family (2005) TV series (unknown episodes)
Totally Baked (2007) as Mrs. President
Drop Dead Diva (2 episodes, 2011) (TV) as Judge Jodi Corliss
Anger Management (1 episode, 2013) (TV) as Rita